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CoinSurf is a passive income platform which allows you to earn while leaving the CoinSurf application running in the background.

Absolutely not! You can earn as much money as you want with CoinSurf. As long as your devices are consistently available to share your unused internet and there is demand for network access in your region, you will be able to earn income.

Not neccessarily. By connecting with multiple devices in the same network, you will have redundancy incase one of your devices goes offline and you want to make sure you are still connected to CoinSurf. However, you can only earn from 1 IP through 1 device at any given moment.

We are working on an Android application which we hope to launch before Q4 of 2022. However due to development limitations with Apple devices, we do not have any plans to release an iOS or iPadOS application in the near future.

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