About CoinSurf

CoinSurf is a community platform built for every day internet users to begin earning passive income effortlessly. By simply running the CoinSurf application on your Windows or macOS device, you can unlock the potential to earn extra income without having to add any extra tasks to your day to day life. The key to financial freedom is unlocking as many passive income streams as possible. Add CoinSurf on to your list of income streams and we will open your eyes to endless opportunities.

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Entirely Passive Income

The CoinSurf application connects you to our network and our team does all the heavy lifting to utilize your unused internet bandwidth. You simply get paid for running the application and making your network available when we need it.


CoinSurf aims to bring true transparency to the proxy industry. We want users to know that they are running our application and how their unused internet is being utilized for ethical purposes by our verified customers.

Passion and enthusiasm

CoinSurf was built with the passion from many different individuals with an abundance of experience in the networking space. We are also on the lookout for more passionate engineers and marketing executives to join our team!

Thriving to become best

CoinSurf aims to become the best passive income stream for individuals all around the world. In parallel we hope to flourish as a proxy network which will allow us to fund the passive income for our members.

Our Story

The CoinSurf team consists mainly of engineers that felt a void in the bandwidth sharing industry which needed to be filled by a truly transparent and reliable platform. Although it may appear that some other names were reputable in the space, there were signs that made the CoinSurf team believe that they needed to introduce a new, safe, and honest bandwidth sharing platform.

At CoinSurf there were no shortcuts or avenues of funding which were provided to get the platform off the ground. Our passionate engineers spent time researching the needs of the industry and felt a need to give back to those who lacked adequate passive income streams. The team built CoinSurf as a bootstrap platform with a single goal in mind; to give community members an opportunity to earn truly passive income in a safe and reliable way. This is what CoinSurf is today.

The entire team behind CoinSurf worked after hours to deploy the platform while also working full time at other organizations. Finally, CoinSurf is in a state where it can benefit those that the CoinSurf team wanted to help after nearly 12 months of development, deployments and beta testing. CoinSurf would not exist without the community of beta testers that allowed CoinSurf engineers to utilize their network free of charge during the beta testing phase. The collaboration of our team with the community, made the difference that brings you CoinSurf as it is today. We intend to continue collaborating with the new community members to bring forward new features, earning opportunities, and software upgrades that can optimize the CoinSurf platform.

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