Earn a $5 bonus by joining CoinSurf today!

Simply download & run our application to earn $0.10/GB transferred on your network.

make money
make money

Understand how CoinSurf works

Activating passive income with CoinSurf is an easy process. CoinSurf utilizes your unused internet bandwidth to power businesses that need to gather information from many different websites online. You are paid based on the amount of internet bandwidth consumed on your network.

Download CoinSurf & install the application

Register in the application for a CoinSurf account

Your internet will be used to gather publicly available information from the web

You earn passive income based on the amount of internet consumption

Earnings estimation

Your earnings are determined based on how consistently your device is available to share your unused internet, and how much demand exists within your region. Stay online as often as possible to earn as much as possible!

$30 /month

Estimated Daily Traffic

5GB 10GB 15GB 20GB

*The time needed to reach certain shared bandwidth numbers can range based on demand at the times in which your device is found to be online & available.

*Traffic demand may vary from region to region.

What influences your earnings?

Network demand

There are times in which there is high network demand and also high network availability. In such cases you may not earn as much because other users in your region are also earning from network requests.

Network speed

Some CoinSurf clients only wish to utilize networks with high speed connections. You will earn more when your network is least saturated.

Your Location

Our clients choose when they want to use bandwidth in certain regions. Stay online as much as possible to make sure you are available when your region is in demand.

Get started and begin earning

Download and setup

CoinSurf is currently available for Windows & macOS. Download our easy to use application, install it, and register an account to join the CoinSurf community. Our Android application is also coming soon!

Let it run

Leave the CoinSurf application running in the background at all times. You don't have to touch it ever again after the initial setup and login process.

We do the work

Our team of network experts will identify businesses that can benefit from your unused internet. For every 1GB of bandwidth utilized by our verified customers, you will earn $0.10. Hint: 1GB of bandwidth gets used really fast!

You get paid

We pay you when you request a payout above our minimum payment threshold of $20.00. Payments are made through Paypal, Bitcoin and/or Ethereum.